Announcing My 30-Day Project!

I am starting a 30-day project today in which I will create an abstract landscape sketch in watercolor each day for 30 days.

I am doing this primarily as a tool to create a jumping off point for my next collection – ‘Earth & Air’, which I hope to release this Spring.

These abstract landscape sketches will be loosely based on my 2015 trip to the UK in which my husband and I (& our daughter, we met her half way) took a train from London to Inverness then rented a car and traveled to Thurso and Durness in the very far north.

The season was spring, and I was left with a strong visual impression of windswept skies, brilliant green rolling hills, meadows dotted with sheep, and craggy stone walls winding throughout almost every region we passed through. In the very north of Scotland I was especially impressed by the beauty of the North Sea. I think it must have been the quality of light or maybe the season, but the horizon seemed to just melt right into the water creating the impression you were at the top of the world. I was awed by the beautiful countryside and have been planning on creating a painting collection based on this experience for some time. I will be using some photo reference my husband and I took on our journey, but I have a feeling I will be relying much more on memory and my emotional response to the landscape. Please follow along on Instagram @sarahskyebrown as I experiment with the process of creating a collection from a 30-day project!

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