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Painting is, for me, a way to capture and share fleeting moments and experiences. Whether a sunset, an ocean view, or mist over the mountains, these are sights that resonate in me to such a profound extent that I feel the desire to preserve, interpret, and share my perceptions with the world.  My most recent work is an expression of my interest with the ever changing subtle and exciting color shifts in nature.  Inspired by Turner and Monet, my aim is to similarly evoke the essence of a subject.  Abstraction allows me to capture the distilled character of a landscape with an emphasis on color and texture.


            Sarah studied Fine Arts and Art History at the University of Hartford and Hartford Art School and continued her studies with several nationally and internationally recognized artists.  Her work has been accepted to and received awards at several juried shows and is currently on display in collections throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Ohio. She has recently relocated to Cincinnati, OH and now works from Brazee Street Studios in the Oakley neighborhood in Cincinnati, OH.

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